About Us

Our story…

The concept of creating a line of natural products that not only cleaned your body and didn’t put further toxic chemicals in your body was nothing new. But what about skin care products that actually do all that and also feed your body 90 vital health enhancing elements through the skin… Ah ha… Now that is indeed something new and exciting.

Herbal Transdermals were thought up one night while I was visiting my mother in Carmel, California. After taking a gander at the back of the shampoo bottle I decided to look up a few of these words I could not pronounce. Ingredients like sodium laurel sulphate and methyl parabens and all those other words that sound like they came from a toxic laboratory — I was flabbergasted that the FDA allowed this stuff to be used, it is pure poison. It truly is a small dose of poison every time you use it. I knew the public would want better products if I could just find a way to make them.

What if I could hunt up the absolute best stuff from around the world and create a line of super healthy soaps, lotions, mud masks, night serums etc… the best of the best regardless of cost. Would the world pay extra for the absolute best natural ingredients available?

I sat down and went over the ‘problems’ people had in their lives like stress, aging skin, mood, acne, fatigue, dry skin etc… Now if we could create products that could help alleviate some of these issues and purge further toxins out of your body we might be onto something. So the research began in earnest. What herbs and essential oils help with stress? What helps with firming skin? What helps moisturize skin?…and so on down the line. How do we color without synthetic dyes or man made pigments? What will the base be? How big will the bars be? How do we package this stuff? How will they smell?

Hey… going natural is complicated biz trust me.

After a year of research and trial and error we started to really grasp the value of true cellular health and what it takes to achieve it. Little did we know that the world would indeed beat a path to our door if we package excellence. We are continually growing our product line and our quest for the best of the best never ends.

We love comments from our customers on how we can make our products better, what you want etc… we never stop learning and we never stop teaching.

We value the health of our customers and are fanatic about purity. So… drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Greg Kelly
CEO, Herbal Transdermal

“Your skin has a memory.
In ten, twenty, thirty years from now,
your skin will show the results of
how it was treated today.
So treat it kindly and with respect.”